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The Future of Discorporate. Talk about the second album (10/2023) :

"An announcement a bit too young, but this is what is already cooking. I am happy that this first album is all new for listeners, but to me, all is a bit like a dead star : you still see it, but it's already gone, it's past. So here is what I am already working on : this is going to evolve in its own universe, and gets more intricate in its own technique ( not music for musicians wise, rest assured...). But besides this, there will be some new elements blending in also, which is this specific dark melodic Heavy Metal (I am an eternal fan of Black Sabbath's Headless Cross, and King Diamond's The Eye for instance..). Among more surprises, just a last spoiler : I have been working very hard on this one, and this will be an instrumental in the middle of this album, which will be an encounter between two different cultures : the dark medieval times with Indian music blending in ( that I will integrate thanks to my sitar). I am just starting the second month for the promo of the first album, but expect to see some videos popping up about all this soon.” ~ MENTA.

Album “That Which Is Not” concept, and how Discorporate was born :

"The core and direction of this album is based on this absolute freedom that this dark genre should always stick to, despite this oh so contradictory dogmatic behaviour of this scene in general. So I decided to look toward the East, and inspire my journey through the old Vedic writings, where one would face himself within and without, transcending this materialistic dual world illusion they call "Maya", symbolically, and metaphorically. Freeing this "night music" from this aspect, where "God" or "satan" are just not there. Here we are, sailing through the cosmic wave, no matter where it brings us, and this is the reason why I feel close to the term ‘Chaos Metal’ when defining the Discorporate music.” ~ MENTA.

Later, drummer David Sikora ( Krigsgrav ) joined the project, and JT Longoria ( producer of King Diamond, Absu and many more ) took care of the production, mixing and mastering.

The choice of the artist for the creation of a sigil became an amazing experience, as after a long explanation of the concept, Nornagest ( leader of the Black Metal band Enthroned and owner at Ibex Design ) found an idea perfectly matching what the band was aiming at, which is the Shiva symbol into the chaos star.

The album title, “That Which Is Not” is the definition of the name Shiva, third and last phase of the life cycle ( from the Vedic “Trimurti”) representing destruction/end of cycle.

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